KIM DONGWAN is... - 121009 ETN Star in News Kim Dongwan Fan Meeting ...

121009 ETN Star in News Kim Dongwan Fan Meeting

@1:03 - After it’s mentioned that tickets for his fan meeting sold out in 5 minutes, Oppayam says that due to suddenly having this event, he was a bit worried, but is thankful that so many people came.  He prepared hard for it, but due to the fact that it was last-minute, he says that there might be some shaky parts and that he hopes everyone has a great time.

@1:22 - He mentions that Hyesung, despite being in the midst of recording for his new solo album, called him yesterday to offer him encouragement and to “do well” at his fanmeet.

@2:45 - He says that he held this fan meeting so that HE would gain strength from the fans, so to send him a lot of strength today.

@3:05 - The fan’s support post-it says “Oppa, ‘Cheer up, Mr. Kim” fighting! To me, oppa is the best.  Your heel lifts, too.” XDDD

@3:19 - At the end, the fan says that she hopes to see him at the acting awards and that he is not chitchai. XDD The next one asks him to come visit Washington D.C. with the members.

@3:35 - He says that his drama doesn’t have the usual ‘makjang’ elements (basically, extremely emotional and overdramatic elements that are very prevalent in Korean dramas).  He says that it’ll be a 6-month long family drama that will provide loving, touching, and fun moments.

@4:23 - Oppayam had to write the names of the characters of the acting projects he has done since 2002.  He says that except for 2 (“Magic Power Alchohol” and “Beating Heart”) he’s confident that he got all of them right.  The MC says that if he got more than two wrong, he has to sing a line from a ballad.  Dongwan starts to sing a line from “Person I Love,” a song from his 2nd solo album, but then says he forgets the lyrics. XD

@5:45 - After he sings Kim Kwangsuk’s ‘Though I Loved You,’ he mentions that he had prepared the next song (Mr. Children’s ‘365 Days’) for his Okinawa fan meeting (which got cancelled due to a typhoon), but since he has a guitar and is out there already, he’ll sing it now. 

@6:28 - The VJ mentions how Dongwan is ‘chameleon-like’ and earlier had mentioned how he’s multi-talented, showing off not only his acting and singing, but also his guitar-playing skills and Japanese ability. 

Credits: Kim Dongwan Tumblr

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